A Day Trip to Twin Ring Motegi and the Honda Collection Museum

Twin Ring Motegi is a race track in the Tochigi prefecture. Not just a car racing course, there are plenty of other attractions and activities here which make it a family-friendly place.

We took a day trip to Twin Ring Motegi from Tokyo by rental car, with the main objective of checking out the Honda Collection Hall – a showcase of over 300 Honda bikes, cars and race cars. Honda’s robot ASIMO also makes an appearance during his live demonstration.

Twin Ring Motegi is unique in that it combines two circuits – an American style oval speedway circuit, and a winding European style circuit. It’s in a forest location, so there are also free walks around the area.

Entrance costs 1000 yen per adult.


It’s possible to take your own car on the World Grand Prix circuit but bear in mind that many rental cars have a clause in the contract which excludes the use of the car for motorsports. Of course, there’s a fee if you wan to take your own car on the racecourse.

There are also circuit karts which you can take on the track for a fee.

Active Safety Training

Although reservations are required, there is a Honda Driving School, Honda Motorcylist School, and Hands-on motorcycling training for parents and children available at the track too.

Hotel Twin Ring

If you want to spend a bit longer at the site, there is a hotel as part of the circuit – Hotel Twin Ring.

Kids Activities

There are heaps of activities for kids, including motorsports activities. If I was a kid, I’d definitely want to go here, for things like Drift S (kids can try their hand at drifting on a track), racing kart,  kid’s motorbike training/touring, and even piloting.On weekends and holidays, extra activities are available such as the simulator, dream studio, and fun vehicle. Also there is the 5 story maze  “Itadaki” where you need to pass through 15 tricks to reach the top. Not to mention zip lining through the forest, crafts, and getting to meet small forest animals!

Activities cost extra money per go after you pay your general admittance fee, but you can also buy a ‘passport’ which allows you to go on unlimited rides (except for exception rides).



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