Japanese Bakeries

One of our favorite things about Japan is the number of Bakery shops that you’ll find around, full of delicious bakery treats!

These are not like your typical western bakery that just makes bread. Oh no.

While you can find (smaller) loaves of bread at Japanese bakeries, we’ve found that usually its more about all kinds of delicious and interesting snacks, both savory and sweet.

Items are usually quite reasonably priced and definitely a lot cheaper than we’re used to from home (Australia). 

Usually you can get individual items from between 100 – 300 yen each.

You also find all kinds of creative creations to try, and each shop tends to have a different selection, which makes Bakery hopping a very fun activity to do in Japan.

And, if you’re lucky, sometimes they have fresh samples straight from the oven labeled “ただいま“ Tadaima (which literally means “I’m home/I’ve arrived”).

You can also gorge on a small budget if you’re lucky enough to come across a cheap branch (like we did in Hiroshima), where you can try a multitude of different items for less than 1,000 Yen.

This whole tray below cost us only around 650 Yen!

Have you been to a Japanese bakery before? What’s the most interesting item you’ve tried?

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