Ginza 300 Bar – A Cheap Way To Drink in Tokyo

Looking for a way to have a cheap night out, but still get your fill of drinks and/or food?

In Ginza, one of Tokyo’s central upmarket suburbs, there is a bar called “300 Bar“. There’s no cover charge, and every drink and food item is just 300 Yen (plus tax).

The way it works is that you buy a set of tickets at the door – each costing 300 Yen.  Males need to buy a minimum of 3 tickets, and females a minimum of 2 tickets.

If you buy a full sheet of 10 tickets, you get an eleventh for free. So you can pretty much get 11 drinks for just 3,000 Yen (plus 8% tax).

While it’s no match for the price of beer from a Japanese convenience store, it’s still a pretty hard-to-beat deal with that working out to around $2.60 US dollars per drink!


The Ginza 300 Bar has three branches in Ginza and nearby Chiyoda, and we’ve been to two of them so far. It’s a standing bar, so there’s no seating, but they seem to attract a mix of locals and some foreigners to make a good crowd.

Food and drinks are both great with over 150 options to choose from.

The drink menu options are vast, including beers, spirits, fancy cocktails, and even non-alcoholic mocktails for those who don’t drink.  You can also try Japanese alcoholic beverages such as umeboshi (plum wine) and sake.

We couldn’t resist a few food snacks as well. These all go down really well with a drink and the menu includes delicious options like pizzas, hamburgs, jerked chicken, nacho chips, fried potato chips and even salad and tapas dishes.

So if you’re looking for a cheap night out but don’t feel like a nomihodai (all-you-can-drink), the 300 bar may be a good option!


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